Ultra Microfinance

We see our ultra micro loans as a means to an end. And the end is to break generational poverty through ensuring every child’s opportunity for quality education. 

Our ultra micro loans are provided as working capital loans for mothers who are women entrepreneurs to grow their business. We hope that through their increase in income, they are able to provide better education to their children, provide better nutrition and overall elevate their family wellbeing. 

Our ultra micro- loans are provided via a group lending mechanism and are conditional upon the beneficiaries children’s education. To continue to be part of our program, our beneficiaries must guarantee that their children will continue to attend school and receive formal education throughout the loan program.

Our beneficiaries are micro entrepreneurs with a range of businesses including but not limited to food sellers, grocers, owners of mom-and-pop stores and tailors. They are mostly unbanked and have limited exposures to digital products. 

Since 2019, we have also offered tertiary education scholarships for our beneficiaries’ children that meet our selection criterias. This service is added to further ensure quality education to break the generational poverty cycle. From its very outset, we have provided over 657,753 productive loans with IDR 1.3 trillion of loan disbursement, and have benefitted at least 196,580 clients across 5 provinces in Indonesia.