Tri Amini: Strike gold with salted eggs

Being a mother has truly changed Tri Amini’s way of life. She left her job as a sales promotion girl in one of Jakarta’s shopping centres and decided to start her own business.

“I wanted to be there to witness every moment and milestone of my child,” said the 38-year-old mother.

Therefore, she then ventured into producing salted eggs in a small-scale rented house in Srengseng, West Jakarta, where she also resided with her little family. With such limited resources, she only managed to produce around 250 salted eggs per day which then she distributed to food stalls in her neighbourhood. Compared to the long hours and energy she spent in producing and distributing the salted eggs, her profit was rather insignificant.

Until a friend recommended her to join the ultra microfinance program offered by YCAB Ventures in 2015. Tri Amini braved herself to apply for a loan from YCAB Ventures in the hope of producing more salted eggs and earn more money for her child’s tuition.

“My child is my source of strength. I have promised myself that my child is going to get proper education and that is my biggest motivation,” said Tri Amini.

That was also one of the main reasons Tri Amini felt confident to join the program. “For me to be able to receive a loan from YCAB Ventures, I will have to ensure that my child continues to get proper education. That, I think, is what makes YCAB Ventures different from any other microfinance company,” she added.

Indeed, the loan made a significant difference. Within only a couple of years later, Tri Amini has reaped the benefit. From only 250 salted eggs a day, she was then able to produce up to 1,500 salted eggs per day with six times as much profit. She went from offering the eggs to food stalls nearby to a larger scale market, including traditional markets, supermarkets and even a renowned hotel in the city.

Her determination and persistency have brought Tri Amini to success. In addition to securing her child’s tuition, in 2017 Tri Amini built a far more comfortable house for her family to live in. In the same year, she even expanded her business into livestock distributor.  

She now has more than what she had dreamed of, but Tri Amini does not stop. She is determined to grow and expand her business to become a supplier for an even larger scale market.