About Us

What We Do: a Backstory

Our existence is deeply rooted from our belief in the power of women entrepreneurship to help families earn a living, support their children’s education, upgrade their quality of life, and enable them to be liberated from generational poverty.

We’re the extension of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), which has transformed from its initial stand since its establishment in 1999 as a pure non-profit organization focusing on sustainable youth development into a social enterprise. We are a for-profit entity that provides integrated financial inclusion services for ultra micro-entrepreneurial mothers to improve their family’s welfare and their children’s education and invests in impactful and scalable social enterprises whose work strengthens and aligns with YCAB’s vision.

Until today, we have opened several educational opportunities (Kejar Paket and vocational courses), even scholarships to higher education for thousands of YCAB Ventures beneficiaries’ children.

What We Aim for

We’re here to ensure that the doors of opportunities are wide open and accessible for everyone. YCAB Ventures focuses on economic empowerment activities to create a world without poverty and inequality.

We want every community to thrive, so we bridge the capital gap and offer expertise and a vast network for our clients to plant seeds, achieve goals and reap invaluable growth.

How Far We’ve Come

We’ve always put our whole heart and faith into what we do. Our 10 years journey have led us to where we are right now. As of 31 December 2020.

  • YCAB Ventures microfinance product has benefitted  196,580 clients across 5 provinces since its inception.
  • Our microfinance has provided  over 657,853 productive loans  with more than  IDR 1,3 T of loan disbursement since 2010.
  • We have invested a total of IDR 22.81 Bn for the greater good in 28 social enterprises.

And we’re looking forward to supporting and bringing light to millions more. 


YCAB Ventures is registered and supervised by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK). Our impact-driven enterprise has gained recognition from the OJK at its Financial Inclusion Award in 2014.

This recognition complete to list of accolades attained by YCAB Foundation as part of YCAB Social Enterprise, including:

  • 2016 : Earned General Consultative Status from UN – ECOSOC.
  • 2017 : CEO of YCAB Foundation Veronica Colondam was recognized as one of nine Solution Makers in the annual United Nations Solutions – Summit.
  • 2020 : Ranked 32nd in the Top 500 SPO/NGO in the world by NGO Advisor – Geneva.
  • 2021 : Ranked 29th in the Top 200 SGO/NGO in the world by NGO Advisor
  • 2022 : Ranked 29th in the Top 200 SGO/NGO in the world by NGO Advisor

YCAB Foundation

YCAB Ventures was born out of YCAB Foundation’s ambition to create a thriving world where youth and mothers are empowered through love, hope and opportunity to be liberated from generational poverty in sustainable ways. YCAB Social Enterprise uses a social investment approach in maximizing its social and economic impacts. The fund from social investment then invested in mission driven ultra-microfinance through YCAB Ventures. By providing capital to women-led ultra-micro business, YCAB Ventures aim to improve income stability in the family, leading to opportunities of better education for their children.

YCAB Foundation