Setyorini W. Deti

Deti jump started her career by working at PT Multi Finas Perdana as an Accountant Assistant. In this role, she was in charge of making a financial report, which involved creating a journal input and payment verification where she practiced her knowledge of accounting practices.

Within the first few years of her experience, she served as Section Manager of the Internal Auditor with her dedicated work and commitment to being a professional accountant. She undertook several roles namely Head of the Internal Audit Unit, Chairwoman of an Integrated Accounting computerized system, and Head of Accounting.

Deti has an extensive work portfolio under her belt, showing remarkable leadership and interpersonal skills in building relationships with people from different organizational levels and cultures. In addition to that, she embodies proficiency and solid expertise in accounting and financial principles. She has worked in PT Asuransi Ramayana, PT PSP Securities, PT Trimegah Securities Tbk, and PT UOB Asset Management Indonesia. These companies served a large number of institutions with more than 20,000 retail clients.

Marking more than 30 years of experience in delivering high-impact, value-adding audit and accounting work with excellent feedback, Deti joined PT Modal Ventura YCAB in 2021 as a Chief Executive Officer. In this role, she will be in charge of coordinating and overseeing all cross-departmental managerial activities. Coming from the complexity of handling clients in previous finance companies, Deti’s contribution will be even more impactful in the microfinance world.