San Verandy Herveranto Kusuma

Prior to serving as a Commissioner at YCAB Ventures, Randy had the opportunity to sharpen his skills and strengthen his knowledge in finance and investment management throughout his career, thanks to decades of experience in the industry as well as some extensive training during those years.

Developing and managing financial products, maintaining investor relations, strategizing business distribution channels and marketing directives were only a few of his responsibilities in the early years of his career at various financial institutions, including his start in the banking industry in 1995. Since 2011, Randy has been focusing his career in investment management, taking the leading role at multiple reputable investment companies.

Now, at YCAB Ventures, Randy oversees the achievement of the company’s business targets; advises the Directors in cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in micro, small, and medium enterprise owners through microfinancing and impact investing; ensures the implementation of good governance within the company; and supports the company’s values through continuous growth and contribution to its stakeholders.